For many of us women, we started our young years in an organization that is meant to bond young girls together by building skill sets in a variety of activities.  The acronym, G.I.R.L is used synonymously to stand for: Go getter, Innovator, Risk taker and Leader, hence the backbone of today’s Girl Scouts of America.  This ideal has not been created as a new spin on words or to fit into a trendy scene of late, the ideals of the Girls Scouts has been enveloped in young women’s pursuit of well roundedness for over a 100 years. 

  Started officially back in 1912 by founder Juliette “Daisy” Low, in Savannah Georgia with a troop of 30 girls-Low was able to connect and nurture the traits of courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place.  This pathway to self reliance has stood the test of time as the Girl Scout’s Mission.  

This  week’s tie in to the Automotive world for young women started with Miss Low’s skills badge for Automobiling .  Created in 1916, when at that time only one in five households had a car…this badge continued until its change in 1919 where it was renamed, Motorist.  The badges and their requirements have been changed over the history of the Girl Scouts to incorporate a broader grasp of complete auto ownership.  The badges that have been created and were available to earn were from 1938-1947, Transportation-to encourage girls to take the bus, train, trolleys .  In the 1950’s there was a surge of female drivers and the Girl Scouts created a book on Driver Education. 

In the 80’s and 90’s, two new badges were created for Auto Maintenance and Car Care, and recently a few years ago another badge Women in Trucking   to create awareness of women in the transportation industry.   The Girl Scouts of America and for that sense, globally,  has made a way for young women to attain confidence in themselves and learn about the automobile and its care.  From that, comes the ability to  be independent and make choices that will take you on the path of adventure for a lifetime.  

Check out the video that tells us how women getting their Drivers License led to the development of more automobile badge opportunities.

Little did we know that Miss Juliette Low in 1912 would start a revolution of Lady Badasses in the midst of a time where women were not allowed to drive. She herself was a pioneer in the automotive field and that vision has led so many young girls on a path to freedom with their vehicle.   My, how we have advanced!

NOTE: I’m doing this series of Badass Women of Automotive History because I love to learn and share about these amazing women who came before us and inspire badassery in Bronco Babes and women everywhere. Keep a look out for another Badass Woman of Automotive History next week!

–Steffie, HBIC