Note: there are many things to consider when you go off the pavement with your rig.  As you get more comfortable and put your rig through its paces, we call that “seat time” you will learn more about what your skills are and what your rig can do, until then,  do what you feel comfortable doing

  • Never wheel or go off road alone.  You never know what could happen if you get stuck or get into an area where you might need help.  Plus it’s fun to have a buddy along to share the memories. 

  • Carry your Go Bag with you in your vehicle at all times. Comes in handy if you are stuck on the trail or have unexpected delays. 

  • Have a form of communication (Citizens Band Radio or a handheld two way radio (we at BB suggest Baofeng, 8 watt, $69.99)  A lot of times you may not have cellular service and the radios will keep you in contact with your travel buddies for a good range.

  • Always stay on the designated marked trail.  Do not create your own trail, both for the safety of you and your vehicle but also to keep our trails and dirt roads from becoming monitored by authorities.  This is referred to as “Tread Lightly”

  • When traveling in a group, always keep the vehicle behind you in your rear view mirror, this will signal them for turns and unexpected route changes.

  • Make sure you fuel up your vehicle, pack a lunch and beverages BEFORE you get to       the trail.  Oftentimes it’s a bit of a drive to the trailhead and no facilities are around.

  • If you enter a rutted road, drive on top of the ruts not down in them.  Always stay on top of your obstacles. 

  • If you are on a narrow dirt road that may have turns and switchbacks, be prepared to stop or allow a rig to pass through…Typically, smaller groups pull over for larger groups or whoever is closest to a pullout . 

  • Above all, go out and have fun!  Enjoy your time with your family and friends and your trusty steed.