For those of you with a new ‘21 Bronco you will probably never experience this scary episode.  Usually occurring in older trucks including  Bronco’s, this is a situation that occurs when you have accelerated to about 45 mph, where the front end begins to shake furiously, bouncing the tires and feeling like the front end of the beast will come out from under you leaving you with no control whatsoever.  Let off of the accelerator and hold on and try to get your beast back under control.  This situation can be caused by a multitude of things but most often it is from an incorrect front end alignment most often the bushings are worn or it could be improperly balanced tires.  Tracking the problem down is best to start with the simplest, rotating the tires, checking for tire pressure etc then continue on with your list..eventually you will find and correct the problem…but you will never forget living through the  experience of a Death Wobble.